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Welcome to Suzhou Shangtian Clean Tech Co., Ltd.  TEL:0512-68153663、62011319、13771916305  Customer Service Hotline:400-711-6305
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More Details Our company has topping technicians and high-quality employees, advanced technology and power of development. Since the company established, our company has created a good brand, our products and services have been accept by our customers.

Suzhou Shangtian Clean Tech Co., Ltd is the member of China Electronics Academy, Cleaning Technical Council of China Electronics Academy, Cleaning Technical Committee of China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association.

Our company has passed the tests of ISO 9001:2000 Quality System and ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System.
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Detecting Instruments (ST)
LPC-310 LCD  (1CFM)
JYQ Series Portable Biological Sampler
LPC-301  LCD (0.1CFM)
LPC-301  LED (0.1CFM)
LPC-301 H3(Handheld)
LPC-301 H6(Handheld)
LPC-350 激光尘埃粒子计数器(50L/min)
Purifying Equipments (STC)
Vertical Unidirectional Air Flow SW-CJ-1FD/SW-CJ-2FD
Vertical Unidirectional Air Flow
VD Air Clean Bench (Desk-top) VD-650/VD-850
Standard Air Clean Bench
Horizontal Unidirectional Air Flow
AAS Series Air Shower Booth
MAC Series Supermini Purifying Unit
FFU Series Fan Filtrating Equipment
FH-C High Efficiency Filter With Clapboard
Pass Box